A bit about these crafts...

“Art is a process, not a product”

These crafts are suggested for your group because they focus on enjoying the materials and activity, not on making a perfect finished piece.  That being said they do result in some cute looking art! The workshops are simple, safe and sensory - great fun for anyone and perfect for groups with mixed abilities.


Painting with Paper

This process creates the appearance of a contemporary watercolour painting. A lovely, relaxing craft which produces beautifully coloured designs. 


Pom-Poms and Tassels

A fun and fluffy craft for all ages! Pom-Poms and tassels are very versatile but my favourite uses are bag charms, Christmas decorations and garlands.


Salt Dough

Salt dough has been used to create decorations for hundreds of years! Hannah’s recipe produces a scented dough - a pleasing sensory experience and gentle hand exercise in one! Participants can also follow Hannah’s direction to make an ornament that will last for years.


Spin Art

A workshop inspired by artist Damien Hirst’s large scale spin paintings. These smaller modern artworks are surprisingly mess free to create, and look wonderful framed individually or as part of a group display. 



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