Colour Theory

What is colour? How can we use it to show different emotions and make our art tell a story? Your group can choose from painting, printing or collage to learn all about colour and express their personality along the way


Doodle Stitch

This relaxed and creative style of embroidery combines traditional stitches with hand drawn designs. Children trace a design to suit your theme and build texture with some simple stitches.  This can be an individual project or part of a large group banner designed by Hannah.


Famous Artists - Chill & Skill

What do all these artists have in common? As well as making some really famous images they each have something to teach us about resilience & coping skills! Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, Monet, Matisse and more! Pick your favourite artist for one session or schedule in a few and make it your group theme for a several weeks.


Faux Tie Dye Bunting

Learn Hannah’s faux tie dye method with no risk of stained hands and clothes! Bunting can include words and images with represent any theme.


Salt Dough

Salt dough has been used to create decorations for hundreds of years! Learn how to make perfect, scented salt dough and follow Hannah’s instructions to make super cute models that will last for years.


All About Me

I have been teaching arts and crafts to children for over 10 years through schools, museums and community groups and I absolutely love to see kids getting into art-making.  The crafts above are my favourites - the ones I come back to again and again because I’ve seen children engage with them and really express something of their personality.



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